What is the best thing you have won in a competition?

My sister won £35,000 on the Postcode Lotto. Two weeks later I won a voucher on the Post Code Lotto and traded it in for a BBQ set. She better bring Steak.
A few years ago I won a decent gas bbq set on the Vodafone rewards app. Just entered as normal and never gave it a 2nd thought.

I received an email about 3 months later saying I'd won. A quick Google told that it was worth around £600.

The issue was I didn't have a garden as I live in a flat😂. I sold to my mate for £450. He still uses it today when I pop round for a bbq.
I did win free tickets through the Gazette for Boro. The Mrs took our then 6 year old daughter; West Ham at home, 2-1, Karembeau scored. Daughter fell asleep, and hasn't been back since.

In the early days of MP3 Players I won one of those. I can't remember how. It had a massive 32mbs of storage on it.
I rang in to Century radio once and impersonated Ali Brownlee commentating on a goal and won a shirt signed by Terry Venables. It was in close season and he left the club shortly after.

One prize I won and never got, which still hurts to this day, was a stunt kite from the Beano in about 1978. We were living in Northern Ireland and moved to Berlin and the prize was posted to NI and I never got it. :cry:
I won a £100 voucher for Brent Cross at a staff away day once, HMV were happy.

I remember my mate telling me he won a Space Hopper at school and went on to be the Redditch and District under 15's Space Hopper champion in the 80's.
Headline of the day with Ali Brownlee with one of my suggestions to his 'Headline Challenge' he used to do on his show.

We won a vip day out at the open in Troon in 2004. Hospitality included breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

Also in the same year won a trip to Madrid for the Bernabao to see Real play Seville. Air ticks accomm and match tickets included. This was when Becks and Owen were playing for them.
When I was about 12 or 13 I won £50 on the premium bonds. I was so excited, it felt like I had won a million. I added a few quid of my own savings and bought a brand new Peugeot racer bike. It is the only time in my life that I have ever owned a brand new bicycle.

I cant remember winning anything at all since then, apart from a bottle of wine in a raffle.
I won a stack of singles on Radio Tees. In amongst them were "Dissident Aggressor" by Judas Priest and "Harvest for the World" by The Isley Brothers. These changed the way I listened to music for the rest of my life.
Once won 2 tickets for the international festival of country music at the Empire Pool Wembley from the Northern Echo to see my singing hero George Jones.
Also won the Scarborough and district junior judo championship around 1964-5 but was presented with the trophy by a certain Mayor who's name is best not mentioned these days....🙄
National School champion in Games Workshop Lord of the Rings

Basically one of the best in Britain at school age for playing with toy soldiers, but I was very proud of managing it at the time.

I still have the winning badge.