What improved your quality of life, so much, you wish you did it sooner?


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going Vegan 4 years ago.

I slept better, was less stressed, blood pressure was perfect.

I lost close to 50 lbs before lockdown, but during lockdown I fell off the vegan wagon, and as I was working from home and had a much more sedentary lifestyle, ended up putting 35 lbs back on, mostly down to eating shyte and fatty meaty processed foods again.

I am back on a more healthy kick, and am eating a largely plant based diet, occasional eggs ( I love a poachie) and fish, but havent really taken up red meat again after suffering extreme digestive discomfort when I ate red meat, and I stay clear of the dairy.


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In no particular order except for numero uno:

1. Moving abroad - This expanded my view of the world - mixing with different nationalities, religions etc..... seeing a completely different life that you can never do as a tourist.
2. Quitting booze - realising that you can still have a great time off the sauce.
3. Living by myself - most people don't get the opportunity but learning to be happy in your own company is a blessing.
4. Embracing diet and excercise from an early age.

What I wish I had done:
1. Retrained to do something much less stressful.
2. I wish I'd hung on to my property from years ago - I would be retired now.
3. I wish I didn't give a $hit about work but I do, and I know in the end the stress will get me.