What do you order in an Indian restaurant?

Strange nobody mentions Chicken Tikka Massala - recognised as the most popular 'indian' dish in the UK.
Wonder why?
Not a shameful as say, wearing a Leeds shirt;)

Pretty sure it was actually most popular dish overall one year

No shout up for the supermarket indian meal deals yet
This thread confirms a thought that despite most Indian Restaurants having a large choice of dishes on their menus, most patrons still choose the same dish every time.
Whatever I order I have to have keema naan with it. Not all restaurants have this but I'm partial to a paratha
look at the menu... maybe 4 times and still order the same dish.... when your 63 you have tried most and the fav seems the most sensible thing to get ....

Lamb Dansak, Bombay Pots, Share a rice - peas Pilau.... lashings of Cobra
Be nice to go to any restaurant just now to be honest.
Love a chicken buna though , one can only dream
I used to live next to an Agraah in Leeds. Very dangerous.

Their Lamb Hyderabadi is class. Also did a brilliant Fish platter starter, no longer on the menu but they'll usually do it on request.

Weirdly their chips are amazing. Not a big fan of chips with a curry usually, but we'd often go and order a take out portion of chips from them after a few scoops, ignoring the chippy over the road.
Poppadoms but not many, got to have lime pickle.
Vegetable Pilau
Tandoori Mix Grill or a Chicken Tikka Mushroom Balti
Garlic Naan
Kingfisher or Cobra (plenty)
I‘ve got a great Indian restauran/takeaway around the corner from me. I’ve never had a bad dish there, so I tend to work my way through the menu depending on my mood.
I’m veggie, so there is always a paneer dish and some sort of veg curry (current favourite veg byriani) I prefer a chapati or roti to rice, but if I’m making Indian food at home, I like to make my own peshwari naans, I find them a bit too sugary in most Indian restaurant.
King Prawn Puri
Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi (or something of similar heat)
Onion Pilau
Either Garlic Naan or Peshwari Naan depending on what I fancy

Gonna have to order a takeout this weekend I think!!!
My favourite was always South Indian garlic chilli chicken from Jamals, but only when I don't have to go to work the next day because you need a dozen trips to the pot and the bog roll in the freezer.
Always curse myself but could never resist it again.