What do you order in an Indian restaurant?


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Round these parts anything with the word "Apna" in the title is normally decent, tends to be actual Indian/Pakistani cuisine - not the Anglicised version.

We had one for Xmas Dinner this year - quickly elevated to first position in my all time list of fave Xmas dinners (y)

El Guapo

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Pops and pics
Chana puri
Chicken tikka karai
Mushroom or veg pilau
Chapati or garlic coriander naan

Cobra/tiger/kingfisher/lal depending on what they have


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poppadoms and pickles

mixed kebab starter

If I go to my preferred local restaurant/ takeaway I get a Tikka Agni Korai,

If I’m somewhere new I check the specials for something I like the sound of but failing that a madras or jalfrezi,

Keema Naan

any rice


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I learnt my lesson eventually and after spending years leaving too much I stopped wolfing a load of poppadum's down at the start of the meal. Also often get chapati instead of naan bread. Apart from that I have different things, quite partial to a Jalfrezi mind.

:p🍛🥵 👉 🚽:poop:😮


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I blame my Mother's extended hot spice craving during pregnancy for the way I eat (no joke) It must have been tricky to source all those years ago.

Chicken Vindaloo (or preferably Phall)
Special pilau rice (or egg Pilau)
Keema Naan


Buxton Tandoori do this perfectly (takeaway)
But.....The Shaha in Carlisle (Botchergate) still do the best Keema Naan's ever.

Like most of you on here, I'm positively drooling writing this :)


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It's the same thing everytime....

Chicken Tikka Pathia
Mushroom Rice
Garlic Naan
Onion Bhajis (served with main)
Mint yogurt / Mango Chupney

All washed down with 2-3 Cobras if sat in the restaurant. I have the odd takeaway (these days) but much prefer a sit down.

The above is my 'hands down' last meal on earth if I had to pick one👏


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Always has to be Kingfisher for me, ahead of Cobra, but my local is a BYOB place, so it's a few Peroni from the co op next door


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This has to be one of the politest 50+ post threads I’ve ever seen. Good effort lads. No bickering just camaraderie over good curry’s.


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Poppadoms and Dips,

Tandoori Chicken (Has to be cubed and done on a skewer none of this served on the bone rubbish)
Served in a Naan with some Raita on top and the salad which comes with it
A portion of Tarka Dal to dip it into

I'm starving now, I haven't eaten since lunch and planning to fast until tomorrow lunch to help with the weightloss efforts. Regretting reading this thread now.


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Popadums & pickle tray
Mixed starter/Chicken Tikka/Prawn Puree
Family Peshwari Naan
Lamb Dopiaza
Peas Pilau Rice
Aloo Gobi


Was terrible with spice for years, when lockdown hit, i started eating spice foods. A bit hotter each time. Absolutely love it now! Mourn all the years I never indulged in Indian cuisine. *opens just eat*


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Strange nobody mentions Chicken Tikka Massala - recognised as the most popular 'indian' dish in the UK.
Wonder why?
Not a shameful as say, wearing a Leeds shirt;)