What are we all reading?

Recently got back into Sci Fi. Read and hugely enjoyed the Expanse series Just read "A Memory Called Empire" by Arkady Martine and have the next in the series (A Desolation Called Peace) for my holibobs. Before that read both books (so far) in the JS Drews "TheDivide" series and enjoyed them. Tried but didn't get the love for Adrian Tchaikovsky's "Children Of Time" but going to give a go to his latest series starting with "Shards of Earth".

I've never managed to fill the void in my reading left by the late great Terry Pratchett.

What's your own book about?
Sorry Harry- quite slipped by - Set on the Wiltshire Downs and Hampshire River Test Valley - it started somewhat in the vein of the most excellent Clive James "Unreliable Memoirs", however it got a bit dark, extremely unreliable and stayed there.
I've just obtained a copy of Practical Clock Repairing by the rather glamourous sounding Donald de Carle, and just finished "Old Wives' Lore for Gardeners.
Currently reading Stolen Focus by Johann Hari, a very interesting read so far and quite a good section on the importance of reading especially in the modern world, now that it seems to be a shrinking concept.

One of the biggest things I am taking away from it is how apparently readings novels can make you a more empathetic person. I can't remember the last time I read one, so will be making an effort to do that this year.

Going to have a read through of this thread to try and pick up some suggestions.
Reading book 15 out of 16 (Yes FIFTEEN) Of the fantasy series Magelands by Christopher Mitchell an author from Scotland.
If you are into fantasy at all you can read all of these books "free" on kindle unlimited
The Penguin History of the USA (it's not about penguins!) by the immaculate Hugh Brogan.
A fascinating and very informative history of an incredibly simple yet complex country.
This book is so good that as I'm nearing the end, I've ordered another couple along similar lines, though concentrating on specific era's of the USA.
I'm currently reading book 8 of the Eagles series by Simon Scarrow, I have previously read the series up to a certain point(which I can't remember which was the last book in the series I read) but several have definitely came out since then so thought I would re read the full series.
Then a new book has came out recently (ish) in the The Bernicia Chronicles by Matthew Harfy which I will be my next read (I read the rest of that series back end of last year so still fairly fresh in my memory so will only read the new book on that one).
Then after that I will probably find a new fantasy series to read or possibly re read the Joe Abercrombie books as I enjoyed them the 1st time but can't really remember much of the story lines.
that should take to to about the summer and after that I will see which Authors have new books out or if I fancy reading another fantasy series or an historical fiction series.
Just finished God On The Rocks by Jane Gardam. Enjoyed it.

Currently reading and about to finish The People Next Door by Tony Parsons. Ok thriller.

Next up, Lessons In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.