What are we all reading?


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I've been racing through Christopher Moore's novels recently. Just fairly light, comic fantasy stuff but really funny. Still not quite finished Mr. Mortimer's book yet. I'll probably do that this afternoon.


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The Lewis Man by Peter May. Part two of The Lewis trilogy.
I like his books, mainly because I've been to the Outer Hebrides a few times. He wrote a book called Lockdown which is about a virus epidemic causing London to be locked down. He wrote it in 2005 but it was rejected for being unrealistic, and then got published last year. It's a rather more deadly disease in the book, but still interesting to see the parallels.


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Alan Clark Diaries 82 - 90, in power.
I'd forgotten what an odious, misogynistic, homophobic racist he was, and thats on a good day,
Very interesting to see his take on the whole inside the Tory party, and I doubt they will have changed.


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Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. 40 pages left and I still haven’t made my mind up whether I’m enjoying it or not.


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Listening rather than reading. I've just downloaded Neil Gaiman's "Sandman Part II". I really enjoyed Part I, and also enjoyed it as a set of comic books a generation or two ago.


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just finished the further adventures of the 100 yo man and hitman anders, both by Jonas Jonasson and v funny


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Been really getting into PG Wodehouse recently... Finished Something Fishy and I have started Right Ho, Jeeves. I love his writing, it's just so light hearted and fun, yet sophisticated and unique at the same time. His characters become so vivid for me.

Also reading Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. More of a career/study book.


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How the Dead Live by Will Self, probably the weirdest book I've read, apart from The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks
Talking of Will Self I’m just waiting for a copy of the latest Dan Rhodes book “Sour Grapes” which is a satire based on the literary world and the main character is a well known author and critic called Wilberforce Selfram.