Westgarth Club

Tha Arena's for sale. Just sayin.

That would work well as a local authorty owned and supported community arts project/cultural venue. If enough people cared.

On a serious note, the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge is a fantastic model for a Westgarth type venue. It is owned, run, staffed by its members. We all sign up with our annual fee, but also offer our services/expertise for free to help out .... in my case occassional photography/film coverage. Obvs not everyone loves the idea of a socialist co-operative, but it doesn't stop people of all persuasions from across the board turning up for gigs. We had a massive mountain to climb after the floods a few years ago, but enough people (locals, bands who love the place etc) donated money/time/skills, that the venue was actually improved. It strikes me that the promotors at the Westgarth have a similarly good reputation amongst touring bands/performers to that which Mal and his team have at Hebden. The room holds 200 people, yet, in the last few years, Mark Lanegan and King Gizzard ATLW have both played there the night after playing to 4000 people in Brixton. That promoter reputation is worth a lot, not just to one venue but to t the town.
TKASG promote gigs in Stockton and Newcastle as well as Mbro. They recently promoted The Smuts at Mbro Town Hall. A sell out show.
More shows will most probably go to Stockton now. Steve Harland also says he is looking in Redcar and Stockton for alternatives.
Tonight there was a sell out at Hit The Bar for The Lathums. Round the corner from Base Camp they would love to host more shows.