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Say what you like about pulis but he really nurtured his talent, if it wasn't for him he'd still be on our bench
To be honest I think it was more down to Pulis simply playing him. Pulis does deserve some credit for that to be fair.

He'd have played just as well under Monk if Monk had have simply played him and trusted him to just go out and express himself.


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Love to watch him play. So exciting and adding a great end product now. There were some on here convinced he was a dud and would never be a top footballer. Probably the same folk who thought Woodentop was a good appointment as manager


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I can forgive karanka everything apart from his handling of Traore.

Play that season back yes Traore was 'raw' but he needed game time more than anything.
We play him rather than Stuani on the wing... Stuani, Negredo upfront with his crossing we would have had an actual chance.

Jesus that team look like absolute world beaters to what we have now.


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I'm just glad I was one of the few who was vocal in bigging him up over and over and over again, very early on, there wasn't many of us on here or in general discussion down the pub. I remember being laughed and mocked for saying there's a good chance he could go for around 100m one day, it looks a practical certainty now.
The way he's spoken about now, you would think that most on here were singing his praises, even for the whole of his time under Pulis, which was nowhere near the case. It was only near the end when it looked like he was going that most probably thought that he was good enough to be even playing for us, never mind being touted for the best teams in Europe regularly.
To perform how well he did, being double or triple marked, in a team with no other creativity and very little to play with or aim to was unbelievable.
To have such speed and control is exceptionally rare, a joy to watch, good luck to the lad.
Absolute game changer yesterday, was looking like a stalemate till he came on the pitch...any truth in the rumours that he is eligible for an England call up based on his length of time in this country, and not playing for an international country yet 😮😮


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Fed up of people claiming it's all to do with Pulis. All he had to do was play him regularly, it's disrespectful to Adama himself who's probably worked very hard to get to the level he's at now. It shows how crap Pulis was by the fact that he still mentions how he developed Adama every time he gets a microphone infront of him, literally no other successes to mention.
I think the reason he's not yet broken into the national team is the same unfortunate reason he'll probably never be a regular for Spain, their racist history is still very much prominent, I think Marcos Senna is the only black player I've seen play regularly for Spain. Iñaki Williams is one of the best forwards in the country but doesn't get a look in because of his skin colour. I know some won't believe this is the reason but racism is still a big thing in many European countries particularly Spain and Italy.
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He's always been a world class athlete but I doubted his footballing ability. He has proven me very wrong and I'm very happy to say so. What a player. Wolves should keep him for as long as possible. They are good club with a quality team.


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I disagree that it's racism keeping him out of the Spain squad.
He was called up last season after a relatively lacklustre year but he pulled out with an injury.

Fact of the matter is that it's only in this season that he's consistently done enough to be worthy of a full call up for Spain.

He's still only 24, so it's not like he's in the twilight of his career and has been overlooked.
He's a phenomenal talent and I expect he'll be in their next squad.