Todays Worldle

This is the third time this country has come up in the 6 weeks I've been looking at it.
I first thought it was because it was a shape a lot would be unfamiliar with, though the uniform nature says that it's a tiny "principality" type place which narrows it down somewhat.

But then I remembered that they did China not so long back which is familiar as hell due to it's arm reaching into Tibet and it's big fat round ar$e sticking out into the China seas, so scratch that theory.

I reckon the program used just picks countries at random, kind of like an Ipod Shuffle of nations.
#Worldle #94 1/6 (100%)

I got it despite not actually recognising the shape, if it wasn't for the very artificial lines I'd have thought it was an island and went for some obscure territory.

Well aware of the country, so I'm surprised I didn't know the shape.
Today's Worldle is the third day in a row where they have repeated a country that was used as recently as last month
Wow, I'm impressed people got this so easily.

I couldn't even spell the name of the country. Though it started with a "B"! (sorry, hint I know but I reckon the regulars have all played by now)