Todays Worldle

The stupid set up will not accept todays correct answer.
It says unknown country when I put what I know is correct.

It goes by official short form names and the answer is their official short form name in English now.

Yesterday's answer was Finland, not Republic of Finland, even though both are perfectly correct names for the country.

Likewise, if you tried to put United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as an answer, that wouldn't be deemed correct because the accepted short form is United Kingdom.

It's definitely a flawed system, but I think they've probably got to do it that way when they're providing a drop down list of answers for people to choose from when they type in letters.
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What I am convinced is the correct answer is not even on the drop down list.

Because it's not the accepted short form name of the country anymore.

There's only one version of each country's name in the system on there, and they've chosen the short form for each.
The only exception to that rule is the Falkland Islands, where they've irritatingly included (Malvinas) to avoid upsetting Argentine nationalists.
What I am convinced is the correct answer is not even on the drop down list.
It's not, becasue the UN approved short form name is. They wouldn't put multiple names on for countries. Besides, in this case the short form name starts with the same 5 letters as the long name. It's not a great stretch to realise you need to use the current name
Annoyed it took me so long to get todays. 5 guesses. It's a really fab country with free wifi in it's forests!