Time capsule: Predict our final position before Tuesday's game

Three prem loans.. at least needed to pop 74+ points

Wingbacks at Sheffield
6th to 12th
74 points

Smith & Engel fit for Sheffield
7th to 14th
60 points

17th to 24th is failure
less than 52 points
Just to clarify....
Bottom 3

Hate saying that

Been a fan 50 years this is dire....

Just put my ra ra hat on.....please boro pleeeeeeease show me to be wrong...I want to be wrong.

I want to say 6th but I'm saying 21st.....
My epic prediction thread entitled 'Im going to stick my footballing neck on the line'... Has everything you need for this capsule
General feeling seems to be either just below halfway or hovering around the bottom of the play-offs. Guess it depends on how far the hope's been knocked out of you. I think the thing is as we started to motor last season we suddenly seemed dangerous and able to hurt any team at this level, and that was because our loans (plus Akpom's remarkable emergence) gave us that cutting edge. We haven't seen any evidence that those brought in have that quality, and the players left now suddenly seem so much less than when they appeared on the teamsheet at that time. The rumoured 'leaked' team seems underwhelming until you consider the alternatives. Even Forss, I mean he's ok, but he's bang average really. Jones carries a certain threat, but there are so many holes in his game.
As long as we don't go down I'm calm, and content to see if it pans out, building around youth. You do worry that if we start to, at best, tread water, assets like Hackney will just be picked off.