* The Unofficial "Official" FA Cup: Boro v Brighton. Match-Day Thread *


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At least one person is finding some joy in this. The joy of "look how right I am".

Do fukk off with the smartarsery there's a good chap.
Just sick of mindless supporters thinking Jones is the answer to everything. The only joy i've taken from this is I couldn't make the game today! but hands up to Brighton there a good team. Men against boys.


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To be fair it’s more a case of where it’s gone right for Brighton.. we aren’t too far away from where we were the last time we played them:
We went up, made a massive mess of it and haven’t looked like going up since. Burnley and Brighton who we were fighting with that season both went on to have huge success while we messed up and never really recovered


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We’ve hardly touched the ball in the second half.
There’s no luck in that.
I meant luck in the competition as a whole. You know, a penalty missed by the opposing team, a flucky goal when not playing well etc. You need all that to win it, not just the obvious talent they possess


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I hope the fans don't get on Jones back he's decent player at championship level that is going through a dip get behind him and lift him.The fans done the same to Tav .Class is permanent form is temporary.


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Sorry if it upsets folks but I expect a bit more than poor marking and so many sloppy goals. We've offered nothing in the second half and ive seen us play against better prem teams and offer more. That was a rout.

Well below par today, but its best put behind us. Carrick will have learnt a bit more about some of his players.

Back to business next week and hopefully confidence has not been too badly damaged.


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Meh. Not our day, and the final scoreline seems a little OTT to me, but we were thoroughly outplayed.

At least Akpom netted, to keep his confidence flying and get him closer to that magic 20 mark.


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No shame in that, to be fair to a poster above jones does look like he’s won a competition to play wing back, lord knows what’s happened to him.