* The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

That keeps our decent run going, but shows the defensive problems still exist when someone gets at us, mainly due to our midfield being overrun. Hopefully Hackney might be back on Saturday. We looked great on the break at times. Dieng more than made up for his poor pass out with saves. You never know!
That second half was great, hardly any stoppages, end to end.

We've just has far too many injuries this season coupled with what I think was a terrible January in letting Rogers and Crooks go.

I am clinging on to the hope that with our financial headroom we have a real go in the summer.
I’d like to see Azaz improve his strength and retention of the ball, he seems to get pushed off if quite easily.

Also seems to be much better at picking a pass when he doesn’t have much time.
I would like to see him improve too. He has generally been just OK so far. I thought today he had a good game. He is new to the club, and you would expect him to improve in the natural course of things.
I’ve never seen a player shrugged off the ball as easy as Azaz. Every time he goes into a 50/50 or an aerial duel you know the outcome.

He did really well for his goal though. Be interesting to see what he’s like next season after a pre season with Carrick. But he could definetly do with some competition in that role.

I miss Rogers.
We could beat Ipswich at the weekend and Norwich could lose to Preston away. Much, much more unlikely things have happened. We'd have to be utterly spineless and incredibly stupid just to give up and "get the kids out for the last few games".
I'm keeping my white flag stuffed firmly down me undercrackers until we've mathematically no chance.
Where Boro are concerned it’ll be brown and yellow when you pull it out 😁
Azaz is way off the pace for top champo side .
He's a frustrating one Azaz. You can see he has good technical ability and can pick a pass, but he often doesn't hold onto the ball long enough to be able to put his skills to use.

We definitely need to try and sign an upgrade in the summer, as I think he's a squad player at best if we're serious about pushing for promotion next season.
If If If me aunty had ball she would be me uncle.

I don't want to hear about your strange sexual fantasies.🤣

Whilst we have a chance, however small we can't just give up. Ipswich drew with Watford tonight, and lost on Saturday, they're not in great form. Definitely not beyond the realms of possibility, that we can win there.
I’ve never seen a player shrugged off the ball as easy as Azaz. Every time he goes into a 50/50 or an aerial duel you know the outcome.
I have - Riley McGree, we have two of the weakest players in the league in those two, its like playing with 9 men without the ball, make that 8 with Charlie teeth doing his headless chicken act.
There is no doubt the Staff Team have targets and know exactly what they need to strengthen for next season.
Not what we wanted tonight, but we still managed two goals and extended our unbeaten run to EIGHT GAMES!
Finish strongly and it sets us up for the summer. (y)
It wasn't a bad game or result Roofie. Not what we wanted, but in the last 15 minutes we looked the more likely to go on and win it.
Azaz isn't quick but is clever and will turn out to be a very good player for us. Reminds me a bit of Swift for West Brom in that he can put his foot on the ball and pick a pass. Nice goal too.
I like the lad, and i think there's a player in there.
Needs the right people around him to shine.
As others have said, he needs to build up his strength, as does Barlaser