The penalty and arguing who was going to take it.

Carrick should establish a clear order for taking penalties. At least three choices to cover injuries and substitutions. Thought Greenwood, although an excellent striker of a dead ball, was always likely to hit the ball with pace thus making accuracy more important. He may ironically be so good at twenty five yards plus that he not really best at twelve yards.
I am glad he missed!!!! I had £2 on jones to score first in a 2-0 win on Bet365. I assumed the bet was a bust when the OG went in. as surprised to find an extra £80 in the account after the game. I assume OG's don't count on Bet365?. It seems Jones was given the 2nd despite the deflection. Well Done Greenwood for missing and may he go back to his parent club as soon as possible.
OGs never count in this situation

It is why it is better to select 'No Goalscorer' rather than 0-0