The penalty and arguing who was going to take it.

You would think there would be a clear penalty pecking order wouldn't you. Managers instructions.

I hate seeing players arguing over them. It just builds pressure. Thankfully it didn't cost us anything
Cost me a few quid had lath to score and Boro 3nil so I obviously wanted lath to take but 3pts is more than few quid in my pocket
I can't knock a 'forward' wanting to take a pen. He's also been on a bit of a drought. I'd be more annoyed had it been 0-0.

He had the confidence to take it. Also usually strikes the ball pretty well. That said you don't really want to see players arguing over it. I mean better players than Greenwood miss pens every week.

Although if Latte Lath was the pre match nominated taker then that's another issue. It's not cost us anything. So can't get to worked up about it.
Didn't really seem to be that much argument. LL went to take it from him but backed down quickly; maybe his English isn't up to arguing yet? I did expect JH to step in and give it to LL though.
Strikers should take penalties.

We didn't have a single penalty taken by a striker last season.

Forss and Akpom took them all, and neither played as a striker in the matches they took them.

This season, the majority of our penalties have been taken by players who weren't playing as strikers.

Greenwood was signed by Leeds as a striker, it's not like we had Matt Clarke taking it.