That bit of Chuba skill on the touch line…


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We have a good squad.....on paper. We didn't have a nightmare transfer window, it was on the whole pretty good I thought just didn't address the GLARING midfield issue.

I can't remember what that was now ......🤔🤔

Pretty clear Wilder saw his ar*e, didn't like our recruitment model, spat his dummy out when he couldn't get his players. This transferred to the team and we were*t. And that fooking failing 3-5-2 😬😬

Carrick has identified weaknesses, plugged these gaps, changed the system to suit the players we have and we now look like a proper football team. Far from perfect, big work in progress, but haven't been this excited about our current situation since Karankas promotion team.

Chuba.....I'll hold my hands up and admit I'd written him off and was not bothered in the slightest if he was shipped out in the summer. Transformation approaching the Zenden LW to CM move.

Great stuff 👍👍
Surely he deserves for his name to now be imprinted into that song.

"Only one Chuba Akpom, used to be sh*te, but now he's alright".


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Watched a dodgy stream of it, like above all their defence where into immediate meltdown after the goal looking at each other wondering wtf had just happened.


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Fair play to the bloke. I was very critical of him for most of his time with us but he’s making me look a right mug. But I’ll take that all day, every day if if it means he plays like this and the Boro keep picking up points.

What a fantastic turnaround in him. Brilliant.

Same, he’s been brilliant lately. He’s like a completely different player. Long may it continue.


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Makes me feel a bit sick we had that little ********* Connelly getting all that game time last season when we had Chubs farmed out on loan!

Easy with hindsight of course.