Some unpleasant posting on here of late

I've been online since Tim's mailing list, looking at Ben in Durham's website, through to seeing this evolve and the only real change has just been a lot of us getting older and more cynical.

The only real disruption happened when Rob and SG came together but other than that its been largely the same. Other than regular_reader having a reverse midlife crisis where he started acting normally when he reached 40.
Posters in general, seem more angry, less tolerant, and more quickly if you don't near 100% agree with them. There is a lot of "you are with us or against on this". Rational discussion is not encouraged. There has always ben an element of this, but its the drift/trend that is moving. Its possible something external that has been brought into the Board i.e. people are becoming like this in other settings.

Even on digital ticketing in the Summer, there were quite a few posters that wrote they can't see a problem in moving completing over to Digital Tickets only and didn't seem to understand how some fans felt alientated or they need to get into the modern age etc. MFC also seemed to be e
xibiting an element of this, but have now back tracked.