Snow watch


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I got up this morning and there is total whiteout in Richmond.
It now feels like its going to swallow our house.
Its going to snow all day - yes, as forecasted - so will be snowed in for some time.

What's it like with you?
Was wet and mild here this morning. 9 degrees. Temperature is dropping now though, hopefully the snow is coming
Scarborough as usual is warm, mild, sunny spells, lovely walking weather..............

or I might be fibbing and it is really 4 degrees Centigrade, raining, thoroughly damp, wet and miserable. I‘ll let you decide.

Not a snowflake in sight, well, not the ones that fall from the sky anyway.
1st light sprinkling of winter in East Mids - looks nice on the Fir Trees - not settling on the roads.
Barn Owl Cam NYorks

It can be a bit like Otis and Marvin sat at the dock of the Bay

“ to be perfectly honest Otis theres not much going on right now “

Fun and games from Sutton Bank earlier. I mean why wouldn't you try to go up with a low loader?:rolleyes:
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