Snow watch

Here are some pictures of the only time it has snowed where I live now. The one with the snow on a single palm tree with the golf course behind it was taken by me.

It is from the house we first rented when we came out here in autumn 2004. The snow happened in January 2005. I tell people we brought it with us.

A decent dump of few inches in Darlo which has now turned to rain and it is a hideous mixture of slush and mud.

Taking the dog out (not a euphemism) in about half an hour and not looking forward to it at all.
I got up this morning and there is total whiteout in Richmond.
It now feels like its going to swallow our house.
Its going to snow all day - yes, as forecasted - so will be snowed in for some time.

What's it like with you?

same as you, this was from lunchtime, it got abit worse after that. Though I’m not far from you.


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We are snowed in for the foreseeable.
About 6-8 inches now frozen. We will not be able to drive out of our place for days at this rate.
Hoping to avoid doing a Captain Oates tomorrow to get supplies walking into town.