Rumoured team

Well I think Silvera playing instead of Forss and crooks at 10 are misguided, but nevertheless should be good enough to beat Wednesdays. Engel was inevitable and better than Coulson for me RVDB is a coin toss at RB, but he is taller and a bit quicker than Paddy. Coburn up top is a surprise but if he wants a look there probably isn’t a better game to do it.

I would have preferred Forss in and Greenwood or Lath but hopefully Carrick knows his onions from his turnips.
Looks like Forss must be injured, not even on the bench
I'm not the biggest fan of Crooks in the no.10 but he did score on Sat and played alright?
He’s technically limited and slow, and not even that good in the air, but he puts a shift and and scores goals. He’s not the answer long term, but he’s good enough to get us out of this hole we are in
He is playing crooks because he is the only player who looks remotely capable of scoring a goal in the entire XI

If you look at that side, who else did you think , yeh, he will grab a goal?
He's certainly the one who you think .. " he'll put this away" ( coburn and forss are the others )
Such disrespect aimed at Crooks.. he is probably one of our most influential players.. and had been since he arrived!

Him and McGree in the team is good news.. happy to see Coburn starting.. looks decent.. happy with that.

1-0 incoming
Saying that Crooks can't play number 10 isn't disrespect, it's an opinion from games I've observed. No player is immune from criticism.