Rumoured team

I wonder how we’d get on if we put out that team / formation as Dieng up front and Coburn in goal.

6 nowt!
Been a while since we’ve had a leaked team. Always suggested to me unhappy campers, maybe reading too much into that though
Well I think Silvera playing instead of Forss and crooks at 10 are misguided, but nevertheless should be good enough to beat Wednesdays. Engel was inevitable and better than Coulson for me RVDB is a coin toss at RB, but he is taller and a bit quicker than Paddy. Coburn up top is a surprise but if he wants a look there probably isn’t a better game to do it.

I would have preferred Forss in and Greenwood or Lath but hopefully Carrick knows his onions from his turnips.
If that is the team Obrien in the centre, Mcgree and Coburn playing is a good sign, Crooks in number 10 not so much.
Crooks is never a ten, never bloody will be. Also should have been Jones on the right as he at least helps his fullback.