Quarter Final Score Predictions


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Let’s have your predictions and see who does the best , Here’s mine

Croatia 1-3 Brazil

Netherlands 1-1 Argentina ( Argentina to win in extra time )

Morocco 1-0 Portugal

France 1-2 England - it’s coming home!


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Croatia 1-2 Brazil

Netherlands 2-1 Argentina

Morocco 0-4 Portugal

England 1-1 France with England winning it 2-1 in extra time.


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Croatia 0-2 Brazil

Netherlands 1-2 Argentina

Morocco 0-1Portugal

England 2 France 1 (heart ruling head)


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Croatia 0-2 Brazil

Netherlands 1-1 Argentina
(Argentina win on penalties)

Morocco 0- 3 Portugal

England 1-1 France
(France win 2-1 in ET)


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Croatia 1-2 Brazil

Netherlands 1-1 Argentina with Argentina winning on pens

Morocco 0-2 Portugal

England 1-1 France with France winning it on pens (Ouch!)


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Croatia 0-3 Brazil

Netherlands 2-2 Argentina (Argentina on pens)

Morocco 1-2 Portugal

France 1-3 England

All 'away' wins.


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Croatia 1 Brazil 3 (The Croats have a goal in them, but just think Brazil are too strong not to outscore them)

Netherlands 1 Argentina 1 (Argentina win on pens in a tight, nervy contest)

Morocco 0 Portugal 1 (Portugal make hard work of breaking down the efficient Morrocan flat back 11, but get the goal early in the second half. Once they do Morocco are screwed as they simply don't do attacking meaningfully and were playing for a penalty shootout so any plans they had are in tatters sadly. The Winker comes on for the last 2 minutes and strolls around afterwards accepting the plaudits like he won the match for them single-handed.)

HEAD; England 2 France 2, France winning on pens. Both sides have a few goals in them if need be. France to take the lead twice, but England have the firepower to get back on level terms, especially late on due to having a stronger bench.
However going in level on 120 means penalties and England's often achilles heel rears up again...😳😭
HEART; England 2 France 2 As described above, Going into extra time. Remember that stronger bench? Well our fresh legs have more assurance than theirs going forward to get the winner and we knock a third in after 102 mins. France then have to chase the game for the first time and with Giroud, Greizman and even MBappe not at their paciest after the best part of 2 hours. Towards the end of the second half of ET they launch everything forward for their future in this cup and the result is that England quickly counter with very little left back in the French half stopping them, smash, 4-2, game over. Just like against Ze Germans in 66😃👍
Asredastheycome mentions on here that he was decidedly more ecstatic earlier in the day when Boro won a throw in against Luton.
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Croatia 1-1 Brazil (Croatia on pens)
Netherlands 2-0 Argentina
Morocco 1-1 Portugal (Portugal AET)
France 0-1 England


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Croatia 0 Brazil 3
Netherlands 0 Argentina 1
Morocco 0 Portugal 0 ( Morocco win on penalties)
France 0 England 2

Best best of the weekend - thank me later 😚