Private Eye and Teesside freeport

I noticed somewhere the other day, a claim that 750 jobs will be created with a further 2,000 created to build the infrastructure for those 750 full time highly skilled, highly paid jobs.

I sure I saw original claims from Ben.T that 25,000 jobs were to be created. This was then downgraded to 18,000 and now it's down to 750.

The number of jobs goes down and the swag his friends are taking goes up. Perfect Tory economics.
Until Lord Bent resigns this is just going to get murkier and murkier. Gove’s friendly investigation is going nowhere but Tory backers and crooks are getting richer and richer. That the people of Teesside simply don’t care and are totally apathetic about such massive corruption is both shocking and depressing in equal measures.
Houchen is up for election May next year, it'll be very interesting to see if he stands and if so, how much support he gets, there is a rumour going round that a certain Andy Preston is thinking about standing as TVCA mayor, not sure if it's true, if it is, not sure he would want to stand against Houchen, as that would potentially open the door much wider for a Labour candidate
I see Ben T. is slagging people off while refusing to answer questions about how much money his mates have put in. Again.

Six firms now signed up to Teesworks with site expected to be almost full in next 18 months

Also, yet another photo op for Ben, but not the opening of a new plant or office building, not even the signing of a contract. No. A photo-op for the announcement of an expected planning application. Not even a definite planning application. Talk about counting your chickens early.

Plan for first sustainable aviation fuel plant announced for Teesside

Private Eye do a great job.

I don't really expect much from the Gazette; one of their own employees is on the MDC board and was Deputy Mayor under Preston.
I don't disagree with your argument but am sure that Mieka Smiles left the Gazette many years ago.
She still works for Reach.

She had a really stupid article in the paper this week where she failed to realise that Welsh has a different set of vowels to English.

I think the worst thing is he will never be done for it.

In normal circumstances other people would go to prison and he gets enobled.

Another example of how the Tories have deliberately managed the country's decline.