His frustration on the pitch wasn’t because he was shyte and couldn’t compete, it’s because he is miles better and wants to show it. Early doors he had a kick off despite being so young and not understanding the language.

You don’t get that if you’re dump.
there were rumours on here and social media. Nothing really from mainstream media or the club. And being homesick doesn't mean someone isn't up for it. Merson was homesick when he was here.
Just facts, not been a d*ckhead like you. There is is no point in any further debate when the facts show he needed to go home to sort issues out. He is not and never will be a champo player.
Well someone on this thread is definitely being a d*ck head. I wonder if you can guess who it is?
Payero deserves a chance this season after he’s had time to settle and to get fit.

Was he not signposted as a dead ball specialist too? Something we have sorely lacked for years.
he's probably only taken about 3, so it's hard to say if he is or isn't
I think Payero will stay because he features alot in the clubs training videos and pics so to me he will be staying and Wilder will give him the opportunity if he keeps himself fit
At the end of the day; it is probably up to Payero to get on the training ground and the pitch in pre season / EFL Cup and make it impossible to leave/loan him out.
I don't understand why what was sold to us as a long term project is at risk of being binned off after 1 horrendously injury/Covid effected first season.

As others have said, he obviously has something about him to have played for Argentina at the Olympics, so to bin him off after he hasn't really had the opportunity to show what a decent run of games would do for his confidence is baffling best.

The comments saying "if he was called Martin Peterson from Barnsley" are ridiculous too and totally miss the point. People want to see him play and do well for the exact reason that he is not called Martin Peterson from Barnsley. He is a young up and coming South American talent who was being chased by the biggest clubs in Argentina when we signed him. There was also talk of Internazionale being interested.

For me he must be persevered with and given a proper run of games, and only then can proper opinions of him be formed. I want to see him in the side as it is quite obvious that he offers attributes that no other player in our squad possesses. Its not coincidence to me that one of his best performances for us came at Old Trafford, when he got more time and space on the ball. His ball carrying abilities stood out a mile that night.
I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. The money has gone, he's our player. He had a disappointing season for whatever reason, be it settling in to a new country, injuries, homesickness, just not being good enough, any or all of those.
So now do we see if there potentially is a good player there, like we saw in flashes particularly the Cardiff game, or do we sack it off and lose all hope of recouping anything? Most people prefer the former, you prefer the latter.
It does take time to get up and running, but his lack of game time must be down to something. ie not wanted by the manager, injuries, fitness. If he's that good he would have played more games
It does take time to get up and running, but his lack of game time must be down to something. ie not wanted by the manager, injuries, fitness. If he's that good he would have played more games
Agree to a point, but when you consider that Warnock clearly didn't fancy him from the off meaning that when Wilder came in he hadn't had much game time he was never going to start games initially under Wilder who then wasn't going to change his midfield in a team that was doing exceptionally well.

As for his injuries - Covid put him out just as he was getting a bit of momentum, that's nothing to do with being injury prone. Then the injury against QPR scuppered him for the rest of the season really, and again was unlucky. I think it's telling that against QPR in a game we were pushing to win, he was given the nod over some others to try and make the difference, and he got injured flying into a tackle to win us the ball back (maybe a tad reckless there I'll grant you. trying too hard?).

If Wilder decides he doesn't fancy him, then fair enough - another one bites the dust and we move on. But looking at him objectively he does offer some things that we are sorely lacking - willingness to shoot from distance, decent delivery from set pieces, ability to get his head up and carry the ball and try and pick a pass. He's certainly competitive and not one to shirk the physical side. There is a player in there, it's just whether we think we have the time (and he has the desire/willingness) to get it out of him.
“Boca's initial plan was to strengthen only in midfield. Martín Payero was always a priority and surely from next week his incorporation can be closed. This is expected to be through an 18-month loan with an option to buy with Middlesbrough of England . But, as much as this objective is close to being achieved, at Xeneize they begin to think about accelerating in the position of central and extreme marker”. From
why a loan? We must have paid up front for his services .... looks like we are just saving wages with this deal ... better to cut and run
Very strange situation if there's any truth in that.

18 months would take him in to the last 6 months of his contract and I'm fairly sure that they won't take up the option to buy when they can just wait a bit.
Likewise got any clubs in Europe that are interested.

Doesn't benefit us at all.
All foreign imports hit the ground running don't they? Juninho, amazing from first game to last. Hamilton Ricard, scored ten in his 1st game.

I find it bizarre that people think it doesn't take a lot of time an effort to acclimatise. Bloody hell it's usually a culture shock to southerners.

Yes, it took a while for John Gannon to get going as well didn't it, but he was whipping in those corners by the end of his spell though. 😉

I agree with @AC Jimbo and @Johngannonsunderpants it would be ridiculous to let him go now, only if the lad is genuinely home sick and unsettled would I be considering it, and even then reluctantly. Definitely a lot more to.come from him if he stays and gets his confidence levels up.