500 mins many as a token cameo sub

He played 562 minutes.

Only 71 minutes were as a sub.

Most of what we've seen of him has been as a starter in the autumn.

I agree with people saying that he's not played enough to form a full judgement on him, but a large part of that is because of his frequent injury issues and illness, plus we're not privy to how he is in training or his personal issues.
The rumour is that he's pushing for a move back to Argentina, rather than the club trying to force him there.
I think he had one or two games last season where he clearly showed he has ability.

The definite issue for both Warnock (and seemingly Wilder) is where he fits in. We know both managers like their CMs to be disciplined and physical out of possession. I've not seen this from him (yet).

That's not to say he can't be coached but I think we've ultimately got a good player who doesn't fit the system.
I haven't seen enough to make a judgement either way.

When he's played, i haven't thought he was the second coming, nor did i think he was Willo flood in disguise.

Hopefully he is kept on and given a chance, but if he goes, then we move on and wish him well - Unless he ends up a worldy and signing for Newcastle for 100m+ in two years time.
He's not going to make it at Boro I'm afraid. Seen and heard it all before with players, needs the right formation, needs time to adapt, not used to the league, injuries, different mangers etc ...
Didn't Wildschut end up being a £6M signing for Norwich? We sold him to Wigan for £0.5M😬
Norwich signed him for decent money, i don't know if it was £6m. I think that was more a bad relection on their judgement though as he did nothing there.
it's got to be the right playerts for the right system (s). If Wilder thinks he can offer something then i'd be happy for him to get more chances and hopefully make an impression. If he doesn't then equally i'm not bothered based on what we've seen so far.
I have to question the 'class' aspect. If he was then he'd be a regular. I saw a couple of flashes of quality but frankly not enough.

If a championship club pays anywhere between 3-6mil for a playmaker then you'd want far more. I know he's and injuries and new country / league etc. Yet 2 managers didn't fancy him.

He seems to have a bit of a Sporar type 'cult' following. Yet I've seen nothing really from him. I ain't writing him off. Yet wouldn't be fussed as all if we moved him on. You'd forget we even had him in a year or so.

I mean if he stays and features as many times then you'd have to say he's a flop. Clearly Mcgree is already ahead of him in terms of selection.
Mcgree has had some good games and some were he is none existent so far. Needs to get a bit of comsistency.
Think he is the one player that probably suffered when Warnock was left, if it wasnt for that he would have probably played the majority of games when fit
I don’t get if he was called Dave Jones etc argument because he’s not Dave Jones from Sheffield he’s a young argentine player that was good enough to make their Olympic squad and was also sought by boca juniors one of the most prestigious clubs in South America.

So its a ridiculous comment.

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I'm far more optimistic about him than McGree who looked anything but "class" to me towards the end of this season.
But it seems clear Wilder will pie off Payero, so we will never know.

football is a strange game of opinions, from what i saw of McGree this season on he few appearances, I have been more than impressed with what I have seen, and what I hope he can do for us in the future.
football is a strange game of opinions, from what i saw of McGree this season on he few appearances, I have been more than impressed with what I have seen, and what I hope he can do for us in the future.
McGree looked far more capable than Payero, I agree, the latter never looked like he had got to grips with the pace and intensity of the Championship.

Ultimately the only opinion that matters is CW and the more important question is who we replace him with.