Neymar! One of the greats……no?

Most overrated player ever to grace the game.
And some say he's underrated, all commentators do is melt when they mention he's name.

Don't forget more than one club have been happy to pay Neil Cox to play football for them.
I never got the hype with Neymar. I remember him bursting on to the scene and I thought he was OK. I don't care that he cheats, they all do. The game was ruined in that regard the first time a commentator said "He invited the foul" or "He is entitled to go down".

In any event better than him. Well where do we start Pele, Messi, Ronaldhino, George Best, heck I think Junhinio was better, hmm fat ronaldo, the fat argentinian drug addict, can't quite recall his name, ah maradona.

I just don't think he looks that impressive. I know he has got a lot of goals, meh!