Neymar! One of the greats……no?


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They say Neymar is one of the greats. They talk as though he is just behind Ronaldo and messi. I think not.
He’d do well to make the top 30 wouldn’t he.
Henry was better.
Who do you think is better?
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So is he 3rd on your list muttley?
Who is above him?

I’ve stayed away from the obvious ones like Pele, Best and Phil Stamp (Berwick Hills the boro yerjokinarentya!)


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So who is higher?
And why? (For a bonus point)
Modric - complete midfielder
Kane - complete forward and team player
De bruyne - complete midfield and assist machine
Lewondowski - antother complete forward and winner
Mbappe - Neymar in his shadow at psg
Salah - exceptional player in the premier league for years

That’s 8 just straight off the top of my head without really thinking about it

Neymar has never been the top dog neither

Luca Brazi

These assessments usually revolve around major trophies won or directly influenced by a particular individual. Neymar had never really done that - prodigiously talented, but has never fully manifested it in terms of effect.

Contrast with the little Argentinian, who was a pretty awful human being, but carried Napoli to impossible success in Italy, and won a World Cup or two, pretty much single-handedly (no pun intended).

The talent level is one thing (e.g. Gascogne, Neymar, even Cruyff) but have they effected major outcomes?

I’d argue that Modric, for one, has done much more than Neymar.


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The other thing is his lack of game time. The most games in a season in 5 season for psg is 22 games. He’s never averaged a goal a game ina by season in France either. Feel that tells it own story


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Watching Neymar is like Pogba at Manchester United

The commentators won’t shut about how good they are and as you watch they pass to the opposition 🤦‍♂️

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Neymar is a magic player there’s no doubting that but he doesn’t do it enough but no one would be surprised if he won the second half on his own he has that in him esp in that yellow shirt.

Brazil's top scorer is the legendary Pele, who scored 77 goals from 91 caps for the national team. Pele and Neymar are the only two players in the Selecao's history to cross the 70-goal mark for their nation.