Netherlands v USA


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Who we wanting to win?

It'd be nice to see a traditional powerhouse knocked out, but my biggest fear in football is America properly getting in to it and "ruining" it like the Olympics.

Genuinely don't know myself.


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The locals don't feel they have much chance as they don't think they can score goals. A lot riding on Pulisic and his fitness today.


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1-0 Netherlands, through Depay.

Great goal, their first attack.

Shame for the Americans, they started very well.


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USA rely on mistakes/ press , dutch not getting suckered into it play on break drag usa out when it suits , look comfortable 1 up. Totally controlled by LVG


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Brilliant tactically by Van Gaal. Sucking all the pace out of the USA.
Hitting on the break when they can. Fantastic move for the goal.
DeRoon having a canny game. VanDyke hasn't broken into a trot.
Are almost looks like a defender!
Can the USA up it in the second half? They showed a bit in the last 5minutes.
Oh dear was just about to post this when 2-0
I go back to my first sentence


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Wow this can’t be right cos I’ve been told the USA are a good team and that most teams would struggle to break them down 🤭


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Boring to watch but clever by the Dutch.

Allow the other team all the possession. Attack only on opposition mistakes. Be clinical.

But... it is working.

Three Dutch attacks and two goals.

The US don't have enough class to break them down.