Most unimpressive celebrity sighting

Mark Clattenberg on the metro to the airport with all his bags - was after he retired so maybe heading to Saudi or Qatar. Didn't even notice him until my best pal pointed him out.


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Sat on the next table to Jim Davidson at the Riverside (cant remember which lounge/suite it was). Was the last game of the season againts Charlton (think hes a Charlton fan).

Was right in the middle of his sex allegations period. He didn't seem to mind. Think he got up and said some stuff after the game.


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Flying back from Ibiza and the quiet but pleasant bloke sat next to us was George Clarke, the home improvement guy. Spent a lot of time in the loo.

Spoke a bit but I was minging from a massive night out :)


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Mike Ashley in a takeaway in the Bigg Market in Newcastle when I was a student.
About 2/3 in morning I was the only one in there when Mr Ashley and his entourage of 4 or 5 walked in. Door was locked behind them as he ate his takeaway next to me.
It was when he'd just taken over NUFC and he was out to impress the Geordie faithful, buying drinks for pub goers etc.
Paul Collingwood in a nightclub on my freshers. He was dressed as Woody from Toy Story. Don't remember much but my mate got a photo of us with him.


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Mine is Miriam Margolyes. Stood next to her on York station. After BlackAdder but before she was really Potter famous. She was just there

My most impressive is giving John Malkovich a light at San Fran airport. Or having a wee next to Biggins
All great. Miriam is a knockout. Malkovich a legend
Jimmy Corkhill off Brookside in Debenhams in Liverpool. We followed him for a bit until he clocked us. (It was university, thought it was funny)

Jimmy Nail at the fish counter in Waitrose in Newcastle.

Bob Carolgees in The Mall in Stockton.... Yes, we asked him.


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I saw Colin Jackson on the the air train at jfk he was with his sister who was shouting at him as he pushed the luggage trolley.