Most unimpressive celebrity sighting


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Who is the most unimpressive celebrity you have ever seen and what were they doing?

Mine is Colin from the Brittas Empire. He was sitting down in either Kings Cross or St Pancras, I assume waiting for a train.


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Antonio Fargas in a nightclub in Norwich, he was doing panto in the area I think. I was p****d, he’s only little and looked terrified when I lumbered up to him and shook his hand.

I also met Dom Littlewood in Spearmint Rhino, he was with his wife/girlfriend.

I met Rolf Harris outside Lords and have a picture with him 😬
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Mine is Miriam Margolyes. Stood next to her on York station. After BlackAdder but before she was really Potter famous. She was just there

My most impressive is giving John Malkovich a light at San Fran airport. Or having a wee next to Biggins


Went to the toilets in the Madison one night and Ray Stubbs from Grandstand was having a slash, apparently been a guest at some NE sports dinner


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Kate Lawler getting off the train from King's Cross at Darlo. It was just after her big brother 'fame'.

The only reason I realised who it was? She was met on the platform by our very own Johnny Woodgate. It was when he was playing for the Mags😂

I have to admit she looked pretty 'tidy' as it was around the time she was in Nuts and Zoo etc.


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Sal Solo, the singer from Classix Nouveaux. It was in WH Smith's in the Cleveland Centre in about 1981/2. He was, I think, supposed to be signing records but he was just stood there on his own with people walking by him.


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Linford Christie in Heathrow Airport. He was walking towards me, and I thought ' I know you' Like a divi I said 'hiya'.

He just smiled and walked on. BTW a giant of a man.


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Had couple of pints with Nick Berry and Bill Maynard at Cleveland Dogs. Probably becsuse i was sat at the only table with seats available butbthey came over to me. Had a fkn good laugh and learned a few things about Heartbeat.


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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell pulled up in their motorboat and came into the beach bar we were at in Skiathos,then she had a Thai Massage after a couple of cocktails.