Most Important Bands of AT

There's an argument for Blondie then, as they had the first hit single with rap, Rapture. She was very into the underground scene in NYC and got to see rap as it started to gather a scene and wanted to adopt it and got Fab 5 Freddy to work with Blondie. The impact from that single then paved the way for people like Public Enemy, Run DMC and on to the Beastie Boys etc.
I was thinking Rapture probably more responsible for mainstreaming hip hop. Notwithstanding the fact that it's utterly abysmal.
Agreed, Blondie did some great track…..rapture wasn’t one of them though, it was an absolute 💩 of a track
100%. Listen to Atomic, Heart of Glass, Hanging on the Telephone et al and they could switch genres effortlessly and still always sound like Blondie, but Rapture remains an absolute duffer.
Its very personal is music but for me
The Yardbirds
The Small Faces
The Doors
The Kinks

Between them they have influenced such a lot of what we have listened to fo rthe last 40/50 years..
Thier music is still fresh.
If you’re going back to ‘all time’ then I’ll throw in Bill Haley and the Comets. Rock around the clock was used by my old music teacher as a clear dividing line between the "rock era" and the music industry that came before it. They changed the face of music forever.
If you're going to look at the birth of hip hop then it's got to be DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaattaa and Grandmaster Flash who were running the original block parties and started to mix and scratch, as well as paving the way for the B-boys who helped define hip hop culture, which in turn paved the way for people like Kanye, Jay-Z and the Beasties.

I'm not sure that Public Enemy are name checking Blondie as an influence, even if she brought it to a white audience who perhaps wouldn't have heard it.
Gil Scott-Heron?
But without any of the 3 mentioned there, there would be no Sugarhill Gang, no Beasties etc. Someone like Grandmaster Flash had a massive influence, and The Message is regularly cited as one of the most influential songs of all time.
I heard a quote about the Beastie boys (think it was from ll cool j). 'Run DMC brought rap to the edge of suburbia, Beasties drove it right into the centre of town'.
Japan - Great Band. Duran Duran totally ripped off their look , nowhere near as good IMHO.
Janis Joplin -Icon helluva voice
From a metal standpoint definitely- Sabbath