Most Important Bands of AT


By important I mean bands that have influenced and even changed history, culture, fashion etc - you don’t have to even like them.
For me in the UK there’s been two - The Beatles and Sex Pistols, maybe the Specials with the 2 tone movement 🤔
See most of the above have only influenced people who are already into music- I’m talking about bands that changed how people think and I think I’m right about the one’s I mentioned
Look at the charts before girls aloud. Loads of guitar band *****. Look at the charts after girls aloud. Loads of electronic band *****. Girls Aloud killed the guitar band.
I think there are probably lots of bands that inspire and are fairly ground-breaking. Listening to Dylan and Bowie as a youngster made me dig deeper into what I liked, incredible one off artistes. But the groundwork was done for them by others, both sides of the Atlantic.

The good thing about being old is definitely the music back catalogue, having things like Spotify and You Tube are a dream :love:
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For the record, Dr. Dre alone is responsible for millions of album sales without even including his own.
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