Most Important Bands of AT

it's totally subjective. Some people were more influenced by the Bay City Rollers than The Doors, the Beatles or Velvet Underground. Possibly some bands (like the last three mentioned) complement altered states of consciousness and the counter-cultural movement of their time, hence their importance.
my mum? Ice cubes mum? and why that song? there are plenty of others. also if it is me, there is no 'corrie' in Dubai....

For the record, Dr. Dre alone is responsible for millions of album sales without even including his own.
I see you failed to respond so childishly to any other reply on here.

Also imagine my disappointment to see you still here, when i recall a few days ago you started you were leaving........

grow up mate, you're 65 years old

Dear Fozzy,
I appear to have upset and offended you which is completely out of character for me and I am horrified.
In my defense and if you have a read above you will see that the OP stated that he will judge the merit of any artist put forward on whether his Mam knew them. I saw your post and just had this vision of his Mam singing F*ck the Police and drew humour from it which I shared on here.
My post wasn't personal to you, your Mam, any of your family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues or people you have yet to meet in your life.
I would like to apologise though and I am just a guy, standing in front of a guy, asking him to forgive me.
I think the only action I can offer you at this point is for me to leave the board for a few hours and hope you can find it in your heart to forget the incident and allow us to continue on here side by side, message board colleagues at the top of our career.
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