Most Important Bands of AT

Love them mate but did they change society??
I believe they set a musical direction for a generation of bands. Didn't overthrow a government, didn’t feed the hungry or heal the sick. But they did capture a moment and they documented better than anyone before or since what it meant to be Northern and working class.
NWA…. Loved them at the time, but they just copied other ‘gangster’ rappers, Ice T was doing it way before them.
They were essentially a boy band puppeted by a white Jewish fella

Sex Pistols for me
I like MF Doom, but can you really say he "changed history, culture, fashion etc" ??

For me it's probably The Beatles, Bowie and the Pistols.
Fair enough, misread the earlier post - thought it was more about influence musically.

If we're talking fashion I haven't seen the Bay City Roller's name mentioned yet :)