Money saving tips

SHOPPERS: Take one grape to the till. It won't register on the low-tech, insensitive scales so you will get it for free. Repeat this procedure 100 times or so and you have yourself a free bunch of grapes.
Get over to Redcar arcades and hover around the machines there’s always someone that leaves a few Bob . Give the push Machines a good Whack as well
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Great idea for a thread.

The biggest tips I have is turn the heating down one degree, you wont really notice most of the time, turn lights off when leaving rooms, some houses seem like Blackpool illuminations at times (an old saying of my dad), Don’t leave electrical items on standby all the time either.

Our water bill has gone down using a Water Hippo In The Cisterns
It wouldn't work for me.
Would need a courtesy flush every time
Open a free online bank account, and use it to bounce around the banks new customer offers. you'll need to have some DD's on them and some insist you pay in £500-£1000 a month but you can transfer it in and then back out again. Once cash paid out, on to the next one. Several pay out £100-£150. If you get a Nationwide one, you can refer 5 friends/family/complete strangers a year and you both get £100 - feel free to PM me if you want to do one, I've got 3 slots left this year.

Topcashback is free to sign up and gets you a % back on online shopping and contracts you take out. This can be well over £100 for mobile phones, broadband, TV etc. I've been using it a few years and its paid out over £2k

If you're paying for a premium bank account, check you actually need the "benefits" and you arent covered elsewhere.

accounts like santander 1-2-3 account can give you up to £15 cashback a month vs a £4 fee. Its not a huge sum but it adds up.

Pick up a side hustle. You can legally make up to £1k a year without registering as self employed and paying tax on it. Turn a hobby into something you get paid for.

The good news is that the money you earn from your side hustle could be subject to a tax relief called the trading allowance.

The trading allowance lets you earn £1,000 of trading income (gross, before expenses) each financial tax year without having to pay tax. As long as it’s below £1,000, you do not even have to inform HMRC that you’re making this money.

This trading allowance absolutely involves anything that generates additional income, from blogging, to pet sitting and so on.

There is also a £1,000 allowance for property income for those who let out rooms of homes.

Delivering takeaways is easy cash but make sure you have the right insurance cover.

Matched betting, if you're the sort to not get addicted to gambling, can make you several hundred pounds a month just by using free bet offers and covering all outcomes. very easy to do and there are paid services or there is a free section on MoneySavingExpert forums which isn't as user friendly, but is free. Gambling winnings are tax free, but it's not really gambling.

As well as turning your thermostat down, turn the boiler/hot water temp down a few degrees. Just make sure if you have a water tank that you keep that above 65C for bacterial growth prevention.

If you are outside your minimum term with mobile phone, TV, broadband etc, ring up and renegotiate, you can save a fortune. Compare the cost theyre offering with competitor services and what you would get via topcashback

If you take out recovery service each year, you can usually get up to 50% off via cashback sites. Even if you want to stay with same provider, ring them, they can knock money off.

Put all your spending through a Credit card and pay it off in full, use one that gives points or rewards. Amex is decent as 1%, regular good offers and when I opened mine it was 10% first 3 months max £100 which was easy enough to game

The device they left me for monitoring energy use I left on for about a fortnight then turned it off . At the end of the day I need the fridge and tv on so there’s not way I can save money all
I’m doing is wasting a few coppers by having the monitoring device plugged in

The idea is not only that you can see real time usage but you can also track your spend. They cost less than £1 a year to run an IHD, and some people dont realise how expensive some things are to run so they can help highlight it. but its useful to see how much you have spent each month, especially with fluctuating prices right now. They're not designed to have you turn off the fridge or the TV, but you might not know the impact of using a portable electric radiator, or you might have left the immersion heater on etc. But for may they will prevent bill shock as they can see how much its costing vs what their budget is.
Making own Pizza is very easy and halves the cost on fresh pizza bought in a supermarket.

Takeaways are usually expensive keep for occasional treat. Many meals can be made at home for less than £2.50 per person.

Avoiding meat usually reduces amount spent on food. Go veggie for some meals.
Quidco, easily make £3/400 every year with cash back from flights, holidays, changing utility suppliers/insurance etc. Loads of banks offer around £100 for signing up plus some offer a few quid cash back on direct debits. Not life changing money but very easy to get
Aye and sort a meal plan out so your eating what your meant to eat .
Growing your own produce is the way forward , you may not save a fortune but at least you know what’s in it
I actually found it a lot more expensive in some cases, we grew a load of potatoes and by the time we'd bought compost etc and some seed potatoes I could have just bought some large sacks from a local farm 😂
I actually found it a lot more expensive in some cases, we grew a load of potatoes and by the time we'd bought compost etc and some seed potatoes I could have just bought some large sacks from a local farm 😂
Aye I’m not a gardener but I thought once you’ve done one year of spuds is of thought the following yiurs basically free .
My brothers going to get set up soon so……..mine had better be free anyway
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