Man City in midtable and already off the pace


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So you're saying he really is .................................... FRAUDIOLA!! :rolleyes:
Not at all. His Plan A is brilliant, I just think he's too stubborn to switch it up when needed. If you get your team to play in that space between City's defence and midfield you are pretty much guaranteed shots on goal. Then it becomes a case of how good your attacking options are.


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Whilst the defensive issues have been alluded to companys departure i think more significant is the loss of mikel arteta. The city team doesn't press or defend with the same intensity since he left the club.


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The bookies still think they have something to give, still have them 2nd favs at a not so value 12/5


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It's just simply that the world class players of a few years ago have moved on or are really old. They used to have Aguero, Kompany, Silva and Toure all in their prime, so of course they aren't as good anymore! You can spend hundreds of millions but you can only buy what's available and players of that calibre just aren't available. I'd rather be in City's boat than Real Madrid or Barça at the moment.
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The table is obviously lying. Three BIG CLUBS in midtable. Hopefully no marks like Everton, Villa and Leicester will soon step aside so we can see a proper battle for the 4th champions League space. They're essentially being cheated by not being allowed to bring on that 40 million Spanish international as a fifth substitute. Football is the loser.


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I think Randy hits the nail on the head, I think guadiola is about 18 months past his sell by date and can’t adapt to a different philosophy or adapt his philosophy to changes in football


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I don’t think signing messi is the answer either. I am the biggest Messi fan going but he isn’t playing with the same motivation as he normally does at the moment. Maybe a move will change that