Mackems or Luton In the final!


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So let’s have a serious vote who would you honestly prefer in the final Luton or the great unwashed!
If we played the mackems in the final and we beat them it would go down as the biggest football moment ever if we lost it would go down as the worst!
So maybe Luton would be better it’s basically **** or bust but I think we have more chance of beating Luton and if we didn’t it wouldn’t be as bad as losing to the scum!
Not looking beyond Coventry.

They will provide the toughest test of the three in my opinion. Organised, resilient, and a very respectable footballing side with one or two match winners.

Get the better of the Sky Blues and I reckon we'll win the big prize.
Would be great to beat Sunderland at Wembley but equally it would be devastating to lose to them. Would definitely be trouble before and after the game as well.

I'm torn to be honest.
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Plucky old luton or big club Sunderland either way the media arent on our side. In fact we are the most unliked in media circlres of all 4 teams despite playing the best football all season. Pundits seem to be dismissing our chances as well but i am confident carrick can get the team to play on the biggest stage and win
Mackems would be the easier game.

Luton would probably mean the scenes before and after the game are a lot better.

Because it’s a one off game, then I’d probably go with Luton. I’d hate to lose to those cretins up the road. Even though I think we’d rightly be favourites and over 10/20/50 games we’d come out as winners more often than not, I’m not sure I’d gamble on that.