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‘It wasn’t me that trashed the economy, it was the left-wing economic establishment’. Dear me. Has any conservative in the last 13 years ever taken responsibility for their actions? Absolutely pathetic bunch


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All those rabidly pro-Kinnock, Corbyn-ite venture capitalist and career financial behemoths are well known for their love of socialism and their well documented left leaning tendencies aren't they?

Who the fook in the editorial department looked at that headline and thought sound, that'll do?

Better than photocopy faces in the bath like, but not much.


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By framing the left wing as the establishment i think they are playing a clever and worrying game.

The slightly less affluent who need the left wing start believing this narrative and its pushed further on talk tv and gb news. It pushes them away from Labour.

Subsequently the more affluent continue to vote blue.

The narrative really worries me as people are very easily persuaded regarding whats in their best interests.


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We have to remember who is the editor of the Sunday Telegraph. It is Allister Heath an ardent brexiteer and ERG backer. Very right wing. Not surprising he is trying to push Truss back into some form of relevancy. He backed her with everything the first time. This is what he wrote after the Kwarteng disaster budget.

“This was the best Budget I have ever heard a British Chancellor deliver, by a massive margin. The tax cuts were so huge and bold, the language so extraordinary, that at times, listening to Kwasi Kwarteng, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, that I hadn’t been transported to a distant land that actually believed in the economics of Friedmann and Hayek ”

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It’s not the fact of her return but that there’s an estimated 50 backers. Also with her positioning herself as victim of left wing economic plotters, it’s not to hard to work out which faction have made her comeback possible.

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Tories. The (lockdown) Party that ate itself.

The sooner a GE is called and these utter loons are removed the better.
Don’t assume they will be removed at all.
The lot of them are so drunk on power they will say anything about labour and get ready for the wildest theories they’ll throw at the public which is complete lies but they don’t care….
The are so incredibly unpatriotic it’s extraordinary and in it for themselves but mask it as ‘what’s best for the country’ bullshyte