Las Vegas Sphere coming to boro.

I’m guessing we need to demolish the town hall and scrap the transporter bridge.. to secure the sphere investment and tens of thousands of permanent long term jobs?
So sick of reading all you doubters on here. Its that sort of attitude that has held Teesside back for so long. We just need to believe in these projects and then they WILL happen.

I just know Benny is going to come good on this one. So exciting. And when he does deliver I for one think a statue of him next to the sphere would be a fitting tribute to his legacy
I assume he’s after it solely to slap his mug all over it, peering out, reminding everyone who is King of the Airport and flashing his smarmy grin. All hail Big Ben.
I've heard rumours that Mr Houchen is about to take leveling up to the next level, by leveling some housing estates no one important cares about, to build the worlds first mile high skyscraper.

It will end the housing crisis, creating millions (possibly billions!) of jobs and will be paid for from the vast profits that Teesworks will provide.

Wonder if the developer have registered their new Teesside branch of the company yet.
Possibly based in a dormer bungalow in the famous central business district that is suburban Thornaby.