Hospitality Fights Back


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It was just a starter for 10, begin there and you'll find all sorts of interesting information, none of which will substantiate your claim that I am fearful of a return to normality. Sort of a daft claim based on the fact my entire job is focused on that return and how other factors will enable and contribute to it

That's not my claim it's a separate observation.
I look forward to your private message with evidence regarding my actual claims.

Artie Fufkin

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Now now honey! 😉

It's ok, I'll just assume it's super secret evidence that only someone involved in setting up rapid testing sites has access to.
Not super secret necessarily, but sensitive information which as I've already said isn't appropriate to post on this or any other forum. There's a time and a place, this is neither. Honey.


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Are we suggesting that the drop in cases was not linked to the lockdowns in the UK? I feel like the lockdowns correlate fairly well each time they're implemented. I appreciate these things are multifactorial, but in the UK cases dropped across all age bands with lockdown.

I am opposed to lockdown, and believe the answer is a well implemented test and trace system once cases are at manageable levels. Lockdown is a sign of all other measures failing in my opinion but very necessary when the health service has to redirect vast resources/ wards/ staff to the virus rather than routine care.


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Again. See the graph I posted.

If you don't believe pubs and restaurants to be safe environments then don't visit them, that's absolutely fine. What's selfish is stopping anybody else from visiting them and stopping people from earning a wage for themselves to support their families.
You asked why pubs should be treated differently to Costa. I said because people don't get drunk in Costa. When people get drunk they do daft things.
Personaly I wouldn't have an issue visiting a pub but I can fully understand and support them being closed.


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You know you are a dead man walking when nicey nice Ben Shepherd gets under your skin.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, it's all about socialising, he's openly admitted it. Has he ever seen a crowd of female friends out shopping? Isn't that social aswell? He has no answers to the question.