Hartlepool United


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just for their antics on their last away games of the season I have a bit of a soft spot for them.

Being surrounded by a load of penguins with teesside accents was brilliant in kingscross station


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My local team are Sutton so hoping they might invite fans in for that final game. Hopefully they can both go up!


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Torquay away at Chesterfield and Sutton away at Notts County Monday and Tuesday. Both losable games. Really hope Pools do it.


Last Hartlepool game i went to was against Swansea, they won 7-1, think it was last home game 2002


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They've just drawn 2-2 today with a striker in goal for them for 2/3rds of the match, as their keeper went off injured and they didn't have one on the bench.
They were already losing 2-1 when the striker went in goal, he's kept a clean sheet.

Massive point, unbeaten in 13.
Didn’t one of our young keepers just join them on loan?


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I thought it was a tough asking travelling to Bromley less than 48 hours after the televised game with Chesterfield. Looking like the play offs now :confused: