Happy Valley final series


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Going to be tense again I suspect. Mind, it's filmed around where I live so I spend half the time location spotting, which probably detracts a bit. There are a few of us on here that live in Happy Valley.


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We don't need to go to that much trouble.

We just grow pampas grass in the front garden.
Just watch you don’t encroach the service strip, don’t want to be losing those lovely plants if electric, water, gas board need to fix a leak in your “garden” 😏


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No spoilers here. Now I’ve caught up with everyone else I dare look at this thread. Bloody brilliant, fantastic writing and directing. Looking forward to the last two episodes.


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Just to let people know that the last episode of season 3 is on the 5th Feb.

Thankfully this thread is spoiler free at the moment (thank you) and hope it stays that way until after then



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Went a bit line of duty rather than gritty Northern drama end of last episode but still great stuff.

Sarah Lancashire and James Norton are both superb.


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I dont like using spoilers, as some people cant help themselves from either clicking it or others read it and reply without thinking.