Frank Lampard Sacked


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I still don’t understand why Big Dunc never got the job when Frank was appointed.
Because there was a strange narrative in some footballing circles that Lampard was somehow responsible for Chelsea winning the CL.

He created it himself by making this laughably contradictory comment:

“When you work towards something, you want to be there, you want to be the manager. I am never going to try and lay claim on that. I was part of the early foundation potentially but Thomas did a fantastic job getting them there."

Jedi boro

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Just hit sky now

Interesting his buddies in the written press were still backing him on sky yesterday.


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we will no doubt witness another West Ham type finagling by the FA and premier league to do everything in their powers (and somethings no doubt outside their powers) to ensure a founding member of the league stays in the top flight.