First regular pub


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Little Ormesby club. Was then and still is now, the best social club in the area. IMO
Pub was the pied piper, when the bar was at the front or the parklands, as it was the only pub with a snooker table.
The mortuary arms in Romford. It was the student nurses social club back in the day. Then the Linny when I moved back home.


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Linny , Yellow Rose and finally Westminister before AP . ( sometimes Porthole on the morning ) 👌
When I started drinking about 78, when I was 18, it was the yellow rose, before the Boro games, I then changed for a while due to meeting work mates & go to the match with them so met in the speedway, both near to where I lived in West Lane, when I got married & moved I went in to the red before games but in the end reverted by to the yellow rose before matches, meeting my dad & mates, good days 👍