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First, current and all time favourite players:


First John Hickton. Scored the first goal of my first ever Boro game, aged 7

Current. Johnny Howson My current favourite will have changed several times over the course of this season, but at the moment I just have so much respect for what Howson keeps on doing. Hopefully he’ll stick around for another season.

All time. Juninho. Enough said
1st was Stephen Bell - he was going to be the next big thing. Poor lad.
Current is Hayden Hackney - I always have a soft spot for the local lads, obviously. RVDB is another cracker.
All time - the big man: Mogga - I idolised him.
John Hendrie
Hayden Hackney

I would say that at my age and this season's performances in not sure I would say I have a favourite player anymore. There are players I think are good but it's not the same as the idolisation I had of footballers when I was growing up.
Ripper- he has the same first name as me.
Pearsy- once I started going to matches regularly, he was my favourite.
Embarrassing first one....Gary Rowell, in my defence his nephew was in my class at school!

Current- Latte Lath

All time-Juninho