Feedback on new site thread

The notifications were a big issue for me on a different forum using the same software as this one, luckily I already knew to turn them off when coming on here.

You can end up with hundreds of emails if you're not careful.
I've unticked all of the boxes I can find, but I'm still receiving email notifications. Is there anything else I can do?



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Couple of things, I’ve noticed...

I’d prefer it, if the when clicking the FMTTM banner at the top of the page, it brought me to the main forum home page.

I also liked the subject of a thread was included with each comment on the old board - can be sure you’re commenting on the correct thread.


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I've unticked all of the boxes I can find, but I'm still receiving email notifications. Is there anything else I can do?
Have you Watched any threads?
As I recall, there's a bug in the software where you have to unwatch a thread to stop receiving notifications if you changed your settings after having already set it to Watch.
When you use the chain link, simply write the sentence until you reach the word or words you want to use as the link (let's say 'Middlesbrough highlights' in the example below) then click the chain icon.

Add the link URL into the URL box then your text ('Middlesbrough highlights' in our case) into the Text box, click Insert then finish writing.


Let's watch the Middlesbrough highlights from last night.
Wow, these massive ads that present themselves between thread titles on the main page are very bad. Surely ads should be down the sides, not something we need to scroll past to get to the next thread? This is possibly something that'd keep me visiting the site less. It looks terrible and is very annoying.
Would like the 'option' to 'see all' replies to a thread on one page if possible?
I prefer to scroll through the lot, not them sectioned off 1,2,3 like on this thread.
Suppose it's just an old board thing I've become accustomed to.

And what is the file size limit in MB for photos etc?
It can't be much as I've noticed people having problems.

Anyway, well done, so far so good.

Be interesting to see how it copes at a busy time.
Admin are testing ads I believe so may have something to do with that. I suppose they have to make money somewhere to pay for the highly-skilled technicians behind this site. :censored:
I'm getting an ad at the top and bottom of the main page, nothing in between thread titles though.

That's using Chrome on Android which is about as stock as you'll get so it's not intrusive.
Anyone else having issues replying from an Ipad?

Field is blank, can't input anything but can post the reply - see my reply to TLJs thread yesterday on change of usernames.