Favourite Boro Kit


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I have been invited on to a zoom call with Errea tomorrow. There will some other fans on the call also but I would like to ask you for your favourite Boro kit. Home and Away.
And why?
Is it the design or is it the association with a player(s), a team, a cup win or promotion etc.
Both the 95/96 kits have a soft spot for me; PL football, new stadium, new era. They were exciting times and unique in my time as a supporter.

Having said that out home shirt should always have a white band, that's non-negotiable for me.
Adidas: 2014–15 Home with the sash and Away with the the horizontal blue and black stripes.. day glo badge and sponsor.

Hummel: 2019-20 Away white with the blue and red split band.

Pretty sick of the heritage reissues now tbh.. Errea we’re at their best with with a band on the home kit and vertical stripes for the away shirt.

Adidas ruined kits with their green wine gum logo. The home kit with the yoke would have been class and the black away kit would have 100% have been a classic.
94/95 home and away shirts are my favourites. Promotion, last season at Ayresome, some iconic players - Hendrie, Fuchs, Robson, Pears. That season had it all.
Home - Red with white chest band with lion in centre of band - Because it is different to all the numerous plain red shirts and the white band to me signals it as a Boro kit to everyone.

Away - Black and blue vertical stripes. Class

If discussed, all shirts should have an option available to buy without an advert plastered across the front or back whoever it is. I would then buy one again as I haven't done so since they were available for a short while without one, and I don't think I'm alone in that.
My first match was in 1967 v Scunthorpe. It was all red. No sponsor or players name, just a number. So for that reason it must be my favourite kit.