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Yo my G! The linkup on Thursday is a must...was looking forward to it, I’ve had similar in the past so understand how you feel but the love outweighs all the over stuff Have a think, I’m hoping the show can still go on.

What a man tweeting him today. Please could you follow me on twitter Yusuf when your ready thanks.

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Hi Yusuf. Keep being you and keep doing these interviews with your beloved club Boro I think it's great that you're doing these with players so so it's helping. Sorry that you put up with some horrible things from some people ignore them they're idiots. Do your interviews because it's your thing something that you love about your beloved Boro. Keep smiling and ignore the haters. 👍

Much respect to you and your passion to your beloved club Boro. 👍🙏

Mr.DerbyCountyFC 👍🐏


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I don't think he is mate, please don't take it personally. The internet is a funny place at times, there's no body language or tone of voice to give us hints when deciphering communication. I think everyone here, you included obviously, backs Yusuf (y)
Felt like he was having a go at me. Unnecessary.

Abel Tasman

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As a few have said on this thread the purge on racism is a start but it wont go away. Not until the highest authorities start to denounce prosecute and shame people.

In the US racists have been emboldened and triggered by a racist President for 4 years. Only this week a frightening number of people have paid huge tribute to an overtly racist broadcaster who passed away. Instead of being prosecuted the President gave this guy the medal of honour. It is the recognition of this kind of behaviour that only makes matters worse. To remind you how bad it is over the Atlantic the man who made these public comments was honoured as a “hero” by the POTUS.

Yes its a start and its not got as bad here as in the US. Yet! But as long as we accept or laugh off these views then matters could well deteriorate to what we now see in America.

Heartening that the support Yusuf has received shows there is a collective will to stamp out such vile beliefs


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We are proud to call you one of our own Yusuf,your support and love for the Boro is heartwarming to see.

Let's hope you've got a short trip to Wembley for what would be a truly epic day seeing us finally winning a game at the National stadium.

Take care of yourself,true Boro fans embrace your passion and I really hope you reconsider your decision and don't let the small minded bigots win.


Please don’t have a go at me.
I’m trying to show support.
Wish I hadn’t l bothered now.

I wasn't having a go at you my friend. I really wasn't.

Someone made a point earlier along the lines that we shouldn't inadvertently pressurise Yusuf into doing these interviews if the affects of these awful comments meant he needed some space and time. Just echoing that sentiment. I hope and wish you well.


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Yusuf , let me tell you I can very rarely recall threads dedicated to one individual receiving so many posts. This really shows how true Boro fans respect fellow Boro fans.

Back in 2013, my wife was wrongly diagnosed and when the true condition was found, she died 22 days after diagnosis. I shared this story on this forum - different username in those days. I was overwhelmed at the sheer number of posts from people I didn’t know at all. It was very humbling. The sincerity and good wishes were truly amazing.over 250 posts I recall.

I share this with you because it demonstrates what a special bunch us Boro fans are. And that is not something you find in every walk of life.

Reconsider on your decision- you would be doing it for all of us and of course yourself.
Wish I had seen those posts back in 2013 as I also lost my wife after a misdiagnosis that same year, I was flitting in and out of the board that year and must have missed it. Glad to hear you have found your second chance of happiness.


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Mart, thanks and I am sorry to hear of your loss. It was September 2013 I started the thread. As said, the empathy I received was truly amazing. Something that I hold dear after 7plus years.
It was Nov '13 for me. I dropped from the board for a while after some idiot was repeatedly abusive, I appealed to them to give me a break as FMTTM was my escapism from watching my wife's battle with cancer. The response was 'I feel sorry for your wife but you deserve to have to deal with watching her'. Sadly the world is largely nice people, with the odd moronic scumbag and we are no different.

Of course whoever he/she was wouldn't have dared speak like that to my face, just as these morons wouldn't speak to Yusuf the way they have, sadly the perceived anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in the worst of people.


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FMTTM is a part of social media, NK's experience shows the positive power and it can obviously be hurtful on the other side of the coin. Whatever it can be powerful when its used in busy areas. Lots of people have obviously picked up on this and in negative cases used it as a weapon in some cases to fed their own selfish needs to upset others, feel big (in a distorted way). Yusuf is an unjustfied target of these verbal assaults. We can't stop people away from here posting nasty comments, but he knows he has hundreds of protective Boro friends on here.