FAO Rob, adverts

Artie Fufkin

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It's really a nuisance on mobile and tablet, and it certainly feels much more frequent than once an hour. I've been on the site far less since these ads were introduced

I suppose that's a consequence of having to use the forum as income/generate revenue rather than just a hobby, I'm sure it would be ad free if that were the case. Similarly if ads are there because the site costs that much to run; it shouldn't as other sites demonstrate. That said i don't think Rob labels himself as a businessman to be fair to him, so his forte may lie elsewhere and this is just a 'side hustle'
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It definitely isn't once an hour. Not on my android phone anyways if that helps Rob get to the bottom of things.

As Artie has mentioned, it's kept me away from the forum for a bit longer than usual (which I imagine some will be elated about 😉).
Rob had commented on another thread that it should only be once per hour.