FAO Rob, adverts


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Yes it’s the same on my phone as well. Ads pop up before the site opens. So annoying but if it funds the messageboard’s upkeep then it’s an inconvenience I can put up with.
I thought Rob said he was aware of the ad pop up ‘problem” and would get it corrected. He said last week that the guy who manages the admin of the message board is on holiday. I’d expect it to be fixed by next week at the latest.


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I don’t know what’s happened recently but this site is virtually unusable on my iPad due to the adverts and pop ups that seem to defeat adblocker.

Getting a full screen advert in between clicking on any thread. It's like having to watch an advert on the telly after every scene.


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Pop-ups introduced by the site owner as an experiment designed to generate more income.
But they'll 'probably' be removed shortly.


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Is there a way to unfollow the mega (>1k posts) threads on the main forum?

I'm sick to death of the same threads being hoofed everyday.